August 2015 President's Message

Wow! What a summer! I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy all Alaska has to offer during this summer of summers! But, as they say All Good Things Must End. It’s the middle of August and the berries are ripening everywhere, the fireweed is nearly topped out, and as much as I hate to say it, the very first yellow leaves have already hit the ground. 

In a few short weeks we should see the first wisps of Termination Dust. Do not despair! Fall in Alaska, however brief is a beautiful season and the cooler weather signals the MSRWC is getting back in the swing of things! As we do every year, we took a break from our regular meetings for July and August but will get right back to it next month. Don’t forget to check out the Upcoming Events section for the details on the fun and informative events we have planned for you! Also, if you weren’t able to attend this year’s Ted Stevens Day Kick-off Reception with Catherine Stevens, or our recent “View and Brew” Presidential Debate gathering, check out the photos! We had a lot of fun at both events. And as always stay up to date on all club happenings by checking the MSRWC Facebook page as well as here on our website.

The first GOP presidential debate has come and gone and kicked off another presidential election year. Of course, we expect most folks to be focused on the run for the White House and sorting out this year’s exceptionally large GOP field, but the statewide and local races are just as important, and as a reminder:  Please refrain from making public endorsements of any Republican candidate in a contested primary. You are welcome, and encouraged to, throw your support and energy behind any and all candidates that best represent you.

Ever wonder how you get to become a delegate to the national convention? Have you always dreamed of attending our national convention and standing on the floor as we cast Alaska’s vote for our preferred candidate? Well, make sure you’re at the September meeting! Our speaker will be Steve Colligan, former ARP Vice Chair and current Wasilla City Councilman. Steve has decades of experience serving on the Nominations committee and working within the party. So join us in September as he shares his expertise on the nominations the process, and the behind-the-scenes campaigning to become a national delegate.

Also front and center next year, will be our very own Lisa Murkowski’s U.S. Senate race. The campaign will keep you informed about the latest information on the campaign and events so click on to stay informed on the latest breaking news. In preparation for 2016, your board of directors and committee members have been working hard to create interesting, fun events to help raise money for our qualified Republican candidates. In 2014, MSRWC was proud to distribute $16,250 to candidates! This year, the board has challenged us all to work to raise $25,000 to support candidates. To achieve our goal, we need YOU. If you aren’t already volunteering for a committee, please contact us today to sign up. For all of our members, seasoned or new, you have lots of committees to choose from:

  • Special Events
  • Membership
  • Legislative
  • Program
  • Patriotism
  • Calling
  • Targeting
  • By-Laws
  • Communications/Social Media

The board is currently looking for a new chair for the Communication/Social Media, Calling as well as Membership committees. Leadership on one of these committees guarantees you get to work with dynamic talented ladies, you make new friends and learn more about campaigns and current events along the way. In order to continue to be successful, we need members to attend and support our events, those who donate, those who work hard on various campaigns and especially those who vote! Share your time, talent and treasure by volunteering for one of these committees today! Contact us at if interested and we will forward information on committee descriptions.

I look forward to seeing you all at the 29th Annual MSRWC Summer Picnic on Monday! The event is for members only but don’t despair, if you have someone who wants to attend and has been thinking about joining, bring them along and sign them up!





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