January 2019 - Welcome from New President

As I start my year as President of MSRWC, I would first like to sincerely thank our past president, Misty Steed, for a job well done. Following in her footsteps will be a challenge and I truly appreciate all she has done for this organization over the past few years.

The new year is a time for goal setting, and I believe the most important mission for MSRW is to promote UNITY within MSRW and the Republican Party.  While conservative values and the Republican Party platform are the base for unity, each of us may approach these values in our own way. I want to focus on what brings us together as Republicans rather than what divides us. We can agree to disagree on how we express our conservatism, but to survive as a party we must go forward with the common goal to elect Republicans in Alaska, at all levels of government. You will hear this message from me throughout the year. Stay tuned for specific objectives on how MSRW will work to bring unity to our party.

MSRW is an all-volunteer organization. We are blessed to have so many hard working, dedicated volunteers. In response to requests from members, I am planning to have at least two lunchtime business meetings, in addition to the three regular evening meetings. If anyone has ideas for a lunch venue, please let me know. We’d also welcome suggestions for meeting topics. I’m looking forward to opening this opportunity for those members who find the evening meetings hard to attend.

Supporting our community should be our organization’s key objective. As my first request to our members, I would like each of you to send feedback about a nonprofit that you are passionate about. As a group I would like MSRW to choose one of these and concentrate on supporting it through the year. Nonprofit outreach is an excellent way to give back to our community and to promote our organization.

Our first big event in 2019 will be our Ladies in Leadership Tea, which will be held in the Spring. Thanks to many hard-working volunteers, this was an extremely successful first-time event for us in 2018. Once the date is set, we will be looking for volunteers to work on this fun committee.

There are other exciting events that are in the planning stage too. I will keep you updated on their progress. In addition, our Programs Chair 1st V.P., Harmony Rowe, will be scheduling some interesting new programs throughout the year.

I look forward to the work ahead and thank all our members for the privilege to serve as your 2019 President. And don’t forget, your input and participation are critical for our success!
Thank you and God’s Blessings to you all.

MSRWC 2019 President

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