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Dear Republican women of Alaska,

I believe in our core Republican values of smaller, less intrusive government, individual liberty and personal responsibility. I believe our club, the ladies of the Midnight Sun Republican Women, are a shining example of one of our greatest traditions—energized, hard-working women forming the bedrock upon which grassroots Republican politics thrives!

I’m so proud to serve, and to be serving with this wonderful group of strong Republican women.  We can do great things with the support and examples of women like Senator Lisa Murkowski and First Lady Nancy Murkowski, Gail Phillips, and former AFRW President and tireless volunteer to all things Republican Hope Nelson, all of whom are women who blazed a trail for all of us when they didn’t wait for someone else to get something done. They saw a need and took challenges head-on and said, "I WILL GET SOMETHING DONE." And they did. These women were and are in the truest sense leaders and their examples continue to inspire us today.  How lucky are we to be sister Republicans in a young state and have our pioneering luminaries among us!

I recently read the 7 habits of highly effective Republican women, and was struck at how many MSRWC members could be poster children for every single one of these traits:

  • Republican women embrace challenge
  • Republican women are leaders and mentors
  • Republican women get involved
  • Republican women empower others
  • Republican women are results-oriented
  • Republican women work as a team
  • Republican women believe in our values and principles

To Anchorage's fellow Republican women, now is a critical time for the future of our nation and as a Republican woman at every level:  from our club, to the state, and national levels, EVERY MEMBER MATTERS. Having said that, we have much to accomplish. 

2016 will be a pivotal year for Alaska and you have the opportunity to impact the course of our country and your state.  As we move forward we must work aggressively on energizing our fellow Republicans and reaching out to the “N’s” and “U’s” who we all realize are mostly disaffected former Republicans. We must also remain focused on recruiting conservative-minded women who want to make a difference and share our values and perspectives. We may not always agree, but we must commit ourselves to an ethic of mutual respect and courtesy and strive to highlight those areas in which we can work together for the common goal of electing Republicans to office.

Now is the time to turn your ideas into actions to ensure continued growth and success to our party. Our future is all about YOU! You have the power to lead by embracing positive change and by nurturing a diversity of ideas, creativity, and visionary thinking. 

My goals as your president include increasing our membership and improving our modes of communication with our membership, as well as bringing speakers to educate and inform our members about issues that are important and relevant to our cause.  I believe we can do all of this while learning and working in a FUN atmosphere. Nothing goes better with learning than food and fellowship! 

Fundraising will be KEY to aiding good Republican candidates to defeat those on the left so often bankrolled by outside organizations that don’t have Alaska’s best interests at heart.

I am encouraged and motivated by your willingness to join MSRWC. You are here because you care about the direction of our wonderful city, our beloved Alaska, and our great nation, and you want to get more involved. Perhaps you want to learn more about grassroots campaigning or you’re just interested in hearing more from the voices that shape our political landscape or experts on the issues of the day. I am happy to inform you that you have found your home. Join us! Lend to the cause of liberty your energy and ideas, and together WE CAN DO IT. 

We are Republican women! We are bold. Be bold! We are courageous. Be courageous. Be proud of who we are and what we stand for and let us proudly stand together and work together towards victory!


Misty Steed

MSRWC President

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